Site Remediation



Facility Infrastructure


VIASANT executes demolition projects for a wide array of industrial clientele. VIASANT has performed these demolition services in both active facility settings and during the asset retirement/investment recovery process for our clients. Demolition work in active manufacturing facilities demands extensive safety measures, careful scheduling, and careful contract management each of which VIASANT provides on every demolition project.

VIASANT provides the following Demolition Services:

  • Heavy Rigging

  • Interior Demolition

  • Structural/Total Demolition

  • Selective Dismantling/Controlled Demolition

  • Investment & Asset Recovery
Demolition Projects

Former Sulfuric Acid Plant - North-East

  • Demolition of a Sulfuric Acid Storage Tank Farm, tank dikes, and a distribution system
  • Demolition performed with 35-ton excavators
  • Removal of three separate Rail Road spurs
  • Managed waste through transfer stations and recycling facilities

Chemical Manufacturing Plant - South-West

  • Decommissioned and demolished Sodium Bichromate processing rotary hearth and associated structures
  • Hex Chromium contamination
  • Steel asset recovery management
  • Collected, filtered and transferred decontamination rinsate and dust suppression water to site waste water treatment facility

Steel Manufacturing Plant - South-East

  • Demolished a Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant
  • ACM and universal waste abatement
  • Control dropped a 200’ tall refractory furnace
  • Placement of an earthen dike along the impact zone

SRP Site - Mid-West

  • Decontaminated and demolished former industrial dry cleaning chemicals site
  • Large scale ACM abatement and the collection of universal wastes
  • Removal of concrete/asphalt over impacted soil areas
  • On-site segregation of C7D materials
  • Cleaning and removal of 2 UST's